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Many culinary artists are trained culinary arts schools. Schooling is not always a job requirement for chefs, because some restaurants take on apprentice chefs and train them from the bottom up. In fact, many people choose to go to culinary school instead of going to a school, because it's either cheaper or they don't need the schooling to become a chef. Those who attend culinary schools are taught a number of different cooking techniques--some of which are scientific, and others more associated with proper food pairing. Aspiring chefs are also taught how to maintain proper hygiene in a kitchen, and well as how to manage inventory.

The service industry continues to expand in the U.S. For this reason, demand for culinary artists is expected to rise over the next few years. Once an aspiring chef finds a job, it may take a while to ascend to head or executive chef if working in a more corporate restaurant. Some chefs looking for a more creative outlet will open their own restaurants, thus giving them the choice of what to put on the menu.

Where will your culinary education take you?

The culinary arts field is quite broad. Those working in it have jobs as chefs, caterers, restaurant owners, and critics, among other occupations. Those who practice culinary arts create food combinations for people to enjoy. They use a mix of science, creativity, and visual art to produce dishes that stimulate patrons' senses of smell, taste, and sight. Chefs tend to work in their own restaurants, with a team of other chefs in larger establishments, or as head chefs that prepare menus for restaurant chains.

The working conditions in restaurants can be hot, stressful, and physically demanding. Washing machines and ovens generally keep the temperature pretty high, and chefs tend to be on their feet for the duration of a shift. To be a chef, one needs to be able to handle the pressures of preparing food quickly and efficiently.

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